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Who We Are

Polar GIS Engineering founded at 2010 with the Techno-Venture Capital Support Program of Ministry of Industry and Trade.

With ten years of experience in the IT and Technology sectors, Polar GIS Engineering still has the enthusiasm and agility of the day it was founded.


In order to make the world a more livable place through Information Technologies, it is committed to provide the most appropriate design, solution and service support and to add value to the environment, employees and society with its experienced and competent team.


By meeting pioneering solutions, services and distinctive expertise for customers’ needs, Polar GIS Engineering set its vision to be one of the leading organizations of Turkey and World

R&D Studies

In addition to our Smart Mine Detection Software project, which was approved as successful  by the Ministry of Industry under the leadership of our founder M.Sc.Comp.Eng.H.Evren ÇOKÇETİN, who was entitled to receive Teknogirişim Capital Support in 2010, which has an important place among the R&D funds of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, our new R & D projects for medium-sized enterprises, high-tech engineering and production software are continuing.

Smart Mine Detection Software (SMDS)

Smart Mine Detection Software processes multi-band satellite and aerial images, identifies surface mine types that can be detected in the related reflection spectra and compiles these mines as geographic information system map data.

This geographic information system for surface mines needs a supervised-learning and artificial intelligence supported software in order to process the map data into usable information.

There is no software for this purpose directly in our country and in the world in general. In this respect, our R & D software, which is a first in its field, contributes to the technological progress of our country. With the software becoming a usable product, it will reduce the search-examination costs of companies by providing convenience in the exploration processes in the mining sector of Turkey.


  • 2019 – Micro ERP (ERP for SMEs) project phase II project grant earned from KOSGEB
  • 2018 – Micro ERP (ERP for SMEs) project phase I project grant earned from KOSGEB
  • 2016 – Consultancy Department founded
  • 2015 – First European Union Technical Assistance sub contract signed
  • 2014 – Moves its headquarters to city center office from Bilkent Cyberpark
  • 2013 – Multiple government tender finished and delivered
  • 2012 – First government contract signed
  • 2011 – Goverment founded R&D Project Smart Mine Detection Software Prototype launched
  • 2010 – Polar GIS Engineering founded



M.Sc. Computer Engineer

Polar GIS Engineering continues it’s success under the leadership of our Founder and General Manager H.Evren ÇOKÇETİN

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