Who We Are

Polar GIS Engineering


Polar GIS Engineering founded at 2010 with the Techno-Venture Capital Support Program of Ministry of Industry and Trade. By meeting pioneering solutions, services and distinctive expertise for customers’ needs, Polar GIS Engineering set its vision to be one of the leading organizations of Turkey and World

In order to make the world a more livable place through Information Technologies, it is committed to provide the most appropriate design, solution and service support and to add value to the environment, employees and society with its experienced and competent team.

Our Services

IT Services

Our company is based on general and R&D projects; system / process analysis and design, software development, test-pilot-activation, IT consultancy, web and mobile applications, web hosting services and in addition to this provides artificial intelligence supported solutions.

Information technology is a discipline that produces facilitating solutions and results with the support of software and computer technologies on scientifically difficult and complex issues that other branches need. In this context, our company produces unique methodologies and solutions; provides information technology to a wide range of customers, including engineering, geographic information systems (GIS), economics, statistics, data mining and optimization.Details »

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a general concept; There are GIS applications developed for various usages and thematic issues. These GIS applications,

  • Urban Information System,
  • Forest Information System,
  • Highways Information System,
  • Land Information System,
  • Land Registry and Cadastre Information System,
  • Logistics Information System,
  • Homeland Security Information System,
  • Vehicle Monitoring Information System,
  • Traffic Information System,
  • Campus Information System,
  • Earthquake Information System, Map Information System,

etc. they are named.Learn More »

Software Solutions

Our software solutions developed within our company and which can be customized according to the institution or subject that we offer to our customer portfolio are as follows;

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Specific Geographical Information Systems
  • Document Management System
  • E-Learning System
  • Content Management System
  • Multi-Platform Mobile Applications (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Turn-key large-scale IT system solutions

Details »

Hosting and Data Center Services

  • Domain Name Registration Services
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Server Hosting Services
  • Server Rental Services
  • Cloud Computing Service

IT Consultancy

Our team consists of mostly engineers and expert software developers and provides consultancy services in accordance with international and national software standards and Project Life Cycle (PCM) systematics. Our main consultancy issues are as follows.

  • Project Development and Design
  • IT Project Management
  • Analyzing the Current Technological Infrastructure,
  • Performing Requirement, System and Process Analysis in line with up-to-date Technologies
  • Developing IT Strategies and Projections

Strategy Development for the use of Web and Mobile Based TechnologiesDetails »

Consultancy Services

Our company, which is an engineering company working in the fields of IT, R&D and High Technology in essence, provides consultancy services in the fields of Government Supports, Project and Credit Funds of International Organizations with its expert engineers and consultants team.

In recent years, the number of investments made through state incentives and funds to projects that will create added value through the transition to domestic and national production, especially R&D projects in our country, is increasing day by day. International funds, venture capital and angel investor groups are showing interest in our country which has become a center of attraction in technology and R&D issues for foreign investors due to the increase in government incentives.


Some of our ongoing and completed projects